Deep Sea Biology and Research Cruises

As a member of the Shank Lab at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, I have been involved in a number of fantastic sea-going expeditions all around the globe (for a full list, scroll to the bottom). These photos document (1) a 2009 cruise to the Mariana Trench on board the R/V Kilo Moana with the submersible HROV Nereus and (2) a 2014 cruise to submarine canyons on the US Atlantic shelf break on board the NOAA survey vessel Henry Bigelow with submersible ROV ROPOS. The Mariana Trench cruise took place during my graduation from Oberlin College, so we had an impromptu graduation on the ship.

Check out this interview for Nautilus Live while at sea in 2012 on board the R/V Nautilus.

Cruise Participation History

2014                Scientist and Data Logger. NOAA Survey Vessel Henry Bigelow, ROV ROPOS. Dates: June and July 2014. Location: Northwest Atlantic Ocean, canyon habitats. Chief Scientists: Martha Nizinski (NOAA), Anna Metaxas (Dalhausie University), Tim Shank (WHOI).


2013                 Shore-based Scientist and Event Logger (participation via telepresence).  R/V Okeanos Explorer, ROV Deep Discoverer, “EX1304 Leg 2: Northeast US Canyons Expedition 2013.” Dates: August, 2013.  Location: Northwest Atlantic Ocean.  Chief Scientists: Amanda Demopolus (USGS) and Martha Nizinski (NOAA). 


2012                 Lead Biologists and Watch LeaderE/V Nautilus, ROV Hercules.  “NA022: Exploration of the Anaximander Seamounts.”  Date: July-August, 2012.  Location: Northeast Mediterranean Sea.  Chief Scientist: Nicole Raineault (URI, Institute For Exploration). [Live interview from sea, Crew profile]


2012                 Shore-based Scientist and Event Logger (participation via telepresence).  R/V Okeanos Explorer, ROV Little Hercules, “EX1202 leg 2 and 3: GoMEX 2012, Gulf of Mexico Expedition.”  Dates: March 19-April 28th, 2012.  Location: Gulf of Mexico.  Chief Scientists: Tim Shank (WHOI) and Jamie Austen (UTexas).  


2011                 Field Assistant.  R/V Tangaroa, “TAN1113 Biophys 22.”  Dates: October 2011. Location: New Zealand Continental Shelf.  Chief Scientist: Scott Nodder (NIWA, NZ).


2010                 Shore-based Scientist and Event Logger (participation via telepresence). R/V Okeanos Explorer, ROV Little Hercules, “EX1004 leg 2 and 3: INDEX-SATAL 2010, Indonesia-USA exploration of the Sangihe Telaud Region.”  Dates: July 21st-August 6th, 2010.  Location: Indonesia.  Chief Scientist: Tim Shank (WHOI).


2009                 Biology Assistant. R/V Kilo Moana, HROV Nereus, “Engineering Field Trials for the Hybrid ROV Nereus.”  Dates: May-June, 2009.  Location: Mariana Trench, Western Pacific Ocean.  Chief Scientist: Andy Bowen (WHOI DSL) and Louis Witcomb (Johns Hopkins University). [Press Release]